Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bamboo or Hardwood?

As with everything, we have contradicting information.  The flooring people said that there would be the risk of diminished resale value, specifically we would reduce the number of people who'd want to buy our house, if we went with bamboo.  However, a quick Google of the topic tells me that bamboo is the hottest thing and actually adds resale value.

Now, we have no intention of selling any time soon, but it's always good to keep these things in mind when making choices.

The other quandary is whether the bamboo is too contemporary looking.  If we went with the light color, I have no doubt it's very contemporary looking.  We are interested in the caramelized color.  It's where they heat up the bamboo and the sugars in the wood caramelize.  How cool is that?  Almost poetic for a kitchen, don't you think?

That said, there is a perfectly wonderful honey colored traditional oak that we are considering as well.  It has a wonderful warm tone and will go well with our existing oak flooring.

Which do you like and why?


Honey Oak


  1. No help here... I am in the same boat... what did you decide? I am trying to decide what is the best way to go.