Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Pretty Christmas Bow

Some might wonder at my enthusiasm for my last post about how to tie a bow.  Perhaps everyone else is good at it, but I only knew how to tie the most simplest of bows - the old fashioned 'tie your shoe" kind of bow.  So here are the results of this lesson:

My Christmas Sled

I'm so happy!


  1. LOVE IT! I've been looking for a sled to do about the same thing....yours looks great!

  2. Love it. I do a sled each year also. Mine is drying after forgetting and leaving it out in the rain. I also have an extra one this year to decorate for my sisters front porch.


  3. It's a great bow and the sled looks so cute all decked out for Christmas. Nice job.

  4. Whoa, thanks so much for the nice comments. Adds to my pleasure with my efforts, for sure!