Monday, February 22, 2010

Candle Shade Knock-off

While I still may buy these candle shades from Chiasso since they are so pretty, I nevertheless decided to give it a go and make some for myself.  They turned out pretty well and I think I may spend more time with better paper next time.

Anyhow, my proof-of-concept worked pretty well though you can see I did not take enough time to make sure I was cutting straight.  :-/  Also, if I were making these for a dinner party or something in particular, I would have taken my time and chosen different paper.

I was thinking that those edge punches would make for a pretty border on the top and bottom of these shades..
First, I started with the biggest bowl I could find to make a nice circle.  That bowl turned out to be a pasta serving bowl in case you'd like to use yours.  Then I used some fancy folding (er, I just folded it in half to find the middle) and then found another circle shaped object, a cup, to trace in the center.  Once I was done tracing, I cut out my pattern.  Then I trimmed it down until I found a shape that would work for my wide wine glasses and fit 12x12 scrapbook paper.

With my pattern, I cut out two shades at once.  This paper is not my first choice for decorating, but it was sufficient for my test.

Finally, I rolled it into a shade-shape and glued it.  Voila!  It was and easy project.

For safety sake, I would warn anyone trying this to use LED tea lights and not real ones.  I tried to do a nice picture with real tea lights (I do not have the battery-operated ones on hand) and I think I'd be worried about the paper catching fire.

Let me know what you think and certainly post pictures if you try this project.

Happy Met Monday!


  1. I really like the pattern you selected. Great job!

    I hope you'll swing by AtticMag this week to tour my home.

  2. Great idea!! Thank you for the inspiration!!